Beothuk Energy Inc. Announces Offshore Wind Project Engineering Contracts


Beothuk Energy Inc. (BEI) recently announced that it has awarded contracts for its St. George’s Bay offshore wind energy project off the coast of western Newfoundland and Labrador, or NL, in Canada through its engineering firm, Maderra Engineering, to DNV GL and Fugro GeoSurveys. The St. George’s Bay project is planned to have a capacity of 180 MW.

The work program includes geological and bathymetric compilation, constraints analysis, wind resource and energy assessment, and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) cost modeling. The consultants and BEI have access to established data sets and 67 years of wind data for analysis and will be assessing an extensive collection of seismic, hydrographic, and bathymetric data.

DNV GL has been awarded a contract to provide the constraints analysis, wind resource and energy assessment, LCOE modeling, and a preliminary wind farm layout. DNV GL’s long history and extensive experience in the offshore sector lead to an incomparable quality of its offered services. For more than 25 years, DNV GL has provided a range of services to the offshore wind industry including feasibility, development, engineering, construction, and operations services. By integrating 150 years of experience in shipping, 85 years of the power sector, 45 years of offshore oil and gas, and 30 years in wind power technology, DNV GL strives to be the leading service provider for all offshore wind-related services. Having participated in the majority of the worldwide commercial scale offshore wind farms currently operating, DNV GL brings an unparalleled level of experience and expertise across the offshore wind project life cycle.

Fugro GeoSurveys has been contracted to provide bathymetric/geologic compilation, hydrographic data reprocessing, assessment of stability and seismicity, GIS analyses of seabed morphology, and routing options. Fugro GeoSurveys is a division of Fugro Canada Corp. with offices in St John’s, NL, Canada. Fugro GeoSurveys is a professional service company that specializes in seafloor mapping, geotechnical, geological/seismic surveys, integrated navigation/positioning, and industrial surveys on land, in the air, or in the oceans.

Maderra Engineering will provide owner’s engineering services including planning, technical documentation review and integration, and interface management. Located in St. John’s, NL, Maderra Engineering Inc. focuses on the delivery of engineering, project management, and personnel services to the energy, industrial, and commercial sectors. Maderra is acknowledged for providing a wealth of expertise, a diverse range of services from a highly talented team, a commitment to quality, and a safe working culture. Maderra’s home office team offers multi-discipline engineering and design, project management, construction management, commissioning, quality assurance, and project services.

“This work program will provide key information for moving forward with the project’s design, providing a foundation for engineering, planning, and development of Canada’s first offshore wind farm,” said Kirby Mercer, chairman and CEO of BEI.

BEI is currently working on other sites in the Atlantic region of Canada and is looking forward to advancing these projects concurrently. BEI is working to answer the call for clean renewable energy in Canada and in the United States. BEI has projects in NL, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

“Offshore Wind in Atlantic Canada is of national significance in the energy mix creating a new sector, reducing the nations carbon footprint, building on synergies with Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil and gas industry, and putting many highly skilled displaced workers to work in the fast-growing clean energy sector,” Mercer said.

BEI is an international green energy company, based in Atlantic Canada and headquartered in St. John’s, NL, with a strategic focus on offshore wind power. 

Source: DNV GL

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