Clir Renewables signs four new multi-farm contracts


Clir Renewables, the market intelligence platform for wind and solar, recently signed four new multi-farm contract, signaling an increase in demand for its performance and risk intelligence services across wind and solar.

Encompassing Clir’s Portfolio, Risk and M&A offerings, the deals span new and existing owner-operators across Europe and North America. It accounts for 62 utility scale projects with a total energy capacity exceeding 13 GW — enough to power 10 million homes.

As demand for renewable energy increases — and stakeholders experience heightened competition — the industry is recognizing the need for actionable intelligence to improve operational and financial performance. Clir provides visibility into common, controllable performance and risk factors by benchmarking peer and industry data.

With more than 200 GW of operational data, and wind, solar and natural catastrophe claims, Clir enables a deeper understanding of performance and risk in an industry context. Clients leverage these insights to increase project returns, enable proactive maintenance, extend asset life, and develop accurate financial model assumptions to access improved debt and insurance terms.

“As investors seek a competitive advantage in heightened market, they need to ensure investments are best-in-class,” said Gareth Brown, CEO, Clir Renewables. “Owners and operators are looking for deeper insights into asset performance and risk, and we look forward to leveraging the world’s largest dataset to help clients maximize the value of their portfolios. With 11.4 GW of wind and 1.6 GW of solar assets across three continents, these four new deals showcase the industry’s need for valuable insights into assets as the renewables space continues to grow.”

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