International Wind Congress covers turbine life cycles


International Wind Congress 2022 covered solutions for wind-farm construction, prolonging the life cycle of turbines, technologies to reach goals set for 2030, and international partnerships in the wind energy sector. The conference was November 6-7.

Attendees discuss the business of wind at International Wind Congress. (Courtesy: International Wind Congress)

After the sessions that covered the life cycle of turbines and its improvement, European EPCs and developers shared their experience about wind-farm construction. Brian Boye from Semco maritime talked about how to ensure communication needs from construction to O&M. Also, a senior communications manager at ABO Wind, Daniel Duben, emphasized the importance of transparent communication for onshore wind projects.

The second day, PGE company shared advantages of the Baltic Sea; Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia showed strategic perspectives of the offshore wind industry in that country; and National Grid Ventures highlighted the integration of offshore wind and interconnection in the North Sea. The next edition of the International Wind Congress is set for November 6-7, 2023, in Berlin.

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