Conversation with Pat Shannon

Sales Manager – North and South America, ITW WindGroup


How long has ITW WindGroup been operating in the wind energy industry? What was its genesis?

The ITW WindGroup was formed five years ago, combining the global resources of the divisions of ITW while providing a single entity as the point of contact. We’ve streamlined our approach to the market while providing a single point of contact to the market. Many ITW divisions have been supplying the industry since the inception.

What segments of the utility-scale wind energy industry does ITW WindGroup serve?

We’ve broken the industry into three segments: Foundation & Construction, Composites, and Operations & Maintenance.

In working with wind energy customers, what are their primary needs and how does ITW WindGroup go about meeting those needs?

The ITW WindGroup provides technologically advanced solutions to the industry based on customer pain points; their needs are as diverse as our product offerings. We’re often on a jack up barge, in a blade production facility, or up tower working with the customer providing off the shelf solutions around their needs.  If customization is needed, we rely on one of our many technical centers in Asia, Europe, or North America to truly add value to our customers.

With regard to maintenance, could you give us a general overview of the product offerings?

Our product offerings include: sealants, foundation repair materials, adhesives, anti-corrosion solutions, coatings, and cleaners.  Truly, there are too many to list.  Basically, we are a single entity who can provide most anything to build, install, and maintain a complete wind turbine from the foundation to the blade tip.

How does ITW WindGroup fit and operate within the larger corporate structure of Illinois Tool Works?

The ITW WindGroup is a division of the Polymers & Fluids group which is a $2 billion segment of ITW.  The WindGroup is focused exclusively on the wind energy market relying upon the resources of all the ITW segments.  We operate as a decentralized division with a strong entrepreneurial culture and a unique approach of customer fueled innovation.

How does the strength of being part of ITW benefit the wind energy consumer?

We have over 10,000 active patents within ITW with a host of engineering and scientific resources throughout the world.  We bring our products close to the customer through global manufacturing with the technical and commercial resources that this industry demands.  We can develop an innovative solution to a specific customer pain point, manufacture the solution from multiple manufacturing sites, and simultaneously roll out, support, and supply from most anywhere in the world.

Geographically, what markets does ITW WindGroup serve?

The ITW WindGroup has strategic operations and manufacturing sites located in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and India.

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