DNV calls for HVDC transmission network


DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has issued recommendations and a timeline to build an offshore high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission network to support U.S. offshore wind power goals. As the first phase of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) exploring the feasibility of incorporating HVDC transmission into the U.S. grid concludes, the guidelines emerge from collaboration across the sector.

DNV recommends an offshore high-voltage direct current transmission network. (Courtesy: DNV)

An offshore HVDC transmission system will enable the delivery of clean electricity to millions of homes and ensure developers and investors achieve a secure return on their investments.

DNV recommends for agencies, governor’s offices, developers, HVDC equipment manufacturers, and service providers to work together toward building an offshore transmission system that will unlock the potential of offshore wind projects, meeting deadlines, and budgetary constraints effectively.

Specific recommendations from the joint industry project include establishing a task force with industry and state participants to review the feasibility of AC mesh solutions given the significant supply chain constraints that have emerged.

Other recommendations include enabling the connection of 525 kV HVDC bipole circuits from the Northeast through the Mid-Atlantic, investigating options to reduce the size and weight requirements of offshore platforms for 525 kV HVDC bipoles, and setting performance expectations them.

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