Eaton’s filters can handle pressures up to 6,000 psi


Adding to its high-pressure filter range, the Filtration Division of energy-management company Eaton introduces the HP3 series for mobile and industrial applications. Suitable for oils, emulsions, coolants, and most synthetic and lubrication fluids, the filters have a working pressure of up to 6,000 psi (420 bar).

The HP3 series is available in different sizes ranging from HP3 30 to HP3 60, HP3 90, HP3 170, HP3 240, HP3 360, HP3 450, HP3 900 up to HP3 1350, and with flow rates from 8 gpm up to 357 gpm (30 to 1,350 l/min). The cast iron head of the filter provides up to a 30 percent lower pressure drop than previous generations. The flow direction is from outside to inside. Visual or electrical differential pressure (DP) indicators are available as well as reverse and by-pass valves.

Eaton’s HP3 series of in-line mounted, high-pressure filters can handle a maximum pressure of 6,000 psi (420 bar). (Courtesy: Eaton)

“Contaminated fluid causes up to 80 percent of system failures,” said Eric Rud, global product manager at Eaton’s Filtration Division. “The HP3 high pressure in-line mounted filter increases fluid cleanliness and service lifetime, reducing replacement, repair, and disposal costs.”

Core part of the HP3 filter is a high resistance version of the 01.E filter element. It is available for filtering down to 5 µm with a differential pressure resistance of 2,320 psi (160 bar). The high resistance 01.E filter element supporting components are designed to be robust and use full-metal instead of plastic.

That is the core tubes are made of welded metal sheet, zinc-plated end caps, and supporting rings. With this type of support, these filter elements are well-suited for high differential pressures that can occur during a cold start. The stability and functionality of the pleat bellow is further improved by a reinforced supporting mesh layer. The high resistance version of 01.E filter element is available in all common filter material options, such as glass fiber fleeces (VG) and stainless steel wire mesh (G).

Eaton filter elements are known for high intrinsic stability, excellent filtration capability, high dirt-holding capacity, and long service life. With these characteristics, the HP3 filter series works best for petroleum-based fluids, water-based emulsions, water glycols, most synthetic fluids, and lubrication fluids.

Eaton’s online filtration calculators help select the best filter and determine the filter performance over a specified flow rate and viscosity.

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