GCube, Renew Risk partner to boost offshore wind risk analytics and modeling


GCube Insurance, an underwriter for renewable energy projects, is partnering with Renew Risk, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) risk analytics provider, which will strengthen GCube’s capability in offshore wind risk analytics and modeling, benefiting its offshore wind clients.

GCube will use Renew Risk’s catastrophe risk models for offshore wind assets, which are based on advanced physics, data analytics, and simulation techniques. The models will help GCube better understand and quantify the factors that affect the risk and liability of offshore wind assets, such as extreme weather events, natural disasters, inter-connected component damage probabilities, operational failures and expected losses – allowing GCube to offer more tailored and competitive pricing.

GCube will use Renew Risk’s cutting-edge catastrophe risk models for offshore wind assets. (Courtesy: Renew Risk)

“This partnership will enable us to enhance our offshore wind services by using Renew Risk’s pioneering catastrophe models,” said Fraser McLachlan, GCube Insurance CEO. “Renew Risk’s models will help us better understand and quantify the complex catastrophe risks of offshore wind assets, which will allow us to offer more tailored and competitive pricing.”

Renew Risk’s models are being integrated with Nasdaq Risk Modeling for Catastrophes, a SaaS platform providing access to a broad range of catastrophe risk models and services to (re)insurance firms, brokers, and financial institutions. Incorporating Renew Risk onto Nasdaq’s platform will enhance users’ ability to assess risk associated with offshore wind farms, estimate losses, compare project risk-return profiles, and allocate capital.

Renew Risk’s models provide more comprehensive risk analysis for offshore wind assets than traditional methods, which typically use generic or onshore models. Such methods do not account for the specific characteristics of different regions or the nuances of offshore wind infrastructure, which can lead to suboptimal insurance pricing.

Instead, Renew Risk’s models consider a broad range of factors that affect risk and liability, such as the location, age, size, power, and gearbox system of the turbines, the cost and availability of replacement parts and vessels, the downtime and reliability of the operations, and the Business Interruption (BI) losses. These models also offer comprehensive coverage of high-risk regions, encompassing Northeast U.S. hurricanes, Taiwan earthquakes, and typhoons, as well as Japan earthquakes and typhoons.

“The extraordinary growth of the offshore wind industry demands an increasingly sophisticated insurance ecosystem to serve it,” said James Lay, senior director of Nasdaq. “This is driving a critical need for advanced models capable of accurately assessing risk. As the first models of their kind available in the Oasis format, integrating Renew Risk with Nasdaq’s platform will provide seamless access to the tools necessary to support the continued growth of the sector.”

“Collaborations will enable us to showcase our innovative catastrophe models platformed on Nasdaq, rooted in cutting-edge advanced physics, data analytics, and simulation techniques,” said Ashima Gupta, Renew Risk co-founder and CEO. “Our models will assist GCube in enhancing its ability to evaluate and handle intricate catastrophe risks associated with offshore wind assets, ultimately translating into amplified advantages for GCube’s esteemed clients.”

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