Exus Renewables acquires Spain wind farm


Exus Renewables, a premier independent power producer and asset management firm specializing in the renewable energy sector, recently announced the acquisition of a 51-MW wind farm in the north of Spain from independent Spanish company Enhol Group, whose main work centers on the renewable energy sector.

This acquisition represents another addition to Exus’ growing portfolio of renewable energy assets in Europe. The wind farm, now in ready-to-build status, is expected to achieve Commercial Operation Date (COD) in the third quarter of 2025. With its strategic location and favorable wind conditions, this project is poised to deliver a substantial contribution to renewable energy capacity in the region.

The wind farm in Spain is expected to begin operation in 2025’s third quarter. (Courtesy: Grupo Enhol)

“This acquisition marks another milestone in Exus’ transition to an independent power producer, further solidifying our position as a leading player in the renewable energy sector,” said Víctor López, head of M&A at Exus Renewables. “As we continue to expand our portfolio and embrace new opportunities, Exus remains dedicated to delivering clean, reliable energy solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.”

The agreement marks the initial step in a broader Exus strategy to establish its footprint in the region’s renewable energy sector. This approach acknowledges the significance of cultivating relationships with partners such as Enhol and local communities.

“We are delighted to work together with Exus on this transaction,” said Roberto Sabalza, Energy & Service Division CEO at Grupo Enhol. “Together, we see the great potential of this project, and our agreement with Exus represents a significant step forward in their advancement of renewable energy initiatives in the region.”

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