GRTC proves concept of spiral turbine


Fort Myers, Florida-based Golden Ratio Turbine Concepts, LLC (GRTC), a Golden Ratio wind and hydro rotary apparatus developer, has successfully wind tested its newest Golden Spiral vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) prototype.

GRTC stated the new Golden Spiral VAWT design conforms to its patented extended spiral leverage arm technology that increases torque. The design is based on Golden Ratio geometry and elements that create a wind turbine of superb balance in motion.

“The new VAWT is graceful, quiet, and begins spinning in only a breath of air flow,” said inventor and GRTC founder James Walker. “The new Golden Spiral VAWT prototype has repeatedly proven the design concept.”

The new rotor configuration differs in its elements and appearance from previous GRTC models, but it is deeply rooted in the inventor’s patented concept, which creates more torque than a traditional radial rotor due to its Golden Ratio Spiral.

“Popular small wind horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) devices are often rated at 12.5 m/s or 28 mph, but average wind speeds are only 10-12 mph (or less) and their rated power outputs are rare,” Walker said.