HARTING, Expleo Group cooperate on IoT solutions


The HARTING Technology Group and Expleo concluded a cooperation agreement at the SPS Trade Fair 2019 in Nuremberg. The agreement was signed by Philip Harting, chairman of the Board of the HARTING Technology Group, and Peter Seidenschwang, head of Industry at Expleo Germany GmbH.

It is a reaffirment of the long-term cooperation by the two parties in the area of data-controlled services and IoT solutions for industrial customers. HARTING is offering the modular edge computing MICA®, which has been designed according to industrial standards for multiple industrial applications, and Expleo is contributing its know-how in connectivity and data- scientific competence.

At the HARTING stand at the SPS 2019, Expleos Industrie 4.0 Showcase demonstrated how production data can be compiled by the edge computing device MICA and evaluated in the SmartANIMO application. (Courtesy: HARTING)


The joint memorandum of understanding by the management of both companies is the culmination of many years of successful cooperation in MICA.network, the user organization supporting HARTING’s edge computing system MICA®. Expleo has been involved in the network since 2016, working on the development of a solution for the process and operational optimization of machines and production systems. On the basis of compiled data, the SmartANIMO application from Expleo can independently learn the standard behavior of connected production lines and individual machines and use this know-how to identify deviations in the process without manual interventions.

Detecting any upcoming problems at an early stage means that the overall efficiency of the system can be improved with a focus on predictive quality or predictive maintenance. The robustness and flexibility of MICA® also enables Expleo to implement the solution in industrial environments and to retrofit existing production systems non-invasive.

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