ONYX Insight reports exponential wind growth


ONYX Insight, provider of data analytics and engineering expertise to the global wind industry, has reported exponential international growth as it surpasses a plethora of milestones including 10,000 turbines monitored worldwide, completion of 70 GW of due-diligence projects, and the shipping of 7,000 of its award-winning advanced sensing technology, ecoCMS, to wind-turbine operators across the globe.

The business partners with more than 200 customers across 30 countries including eight of the top 10 wind asset owners. This increased market share sees the benefits of ONYX Insight’s combination of data analytics and engineering expertise brought to win- energy assets, supporting owner-operators as it helps to reduce operational expenditure.

ONYX Insight works with eight of the top 10 wind asset owners. (Courtesy: ONYX Insight

2021 saw the opening of three offices in Brisbane, Australia; Shanghai, China; and Madrid, Spain. In 2022, ONYX Insight opened an advanced sensing laboratory at its headquarters in Nottingham, UK.

ONYX Insight was the first company to introduce micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology for condition monitoring in the wind industry. This innovation has changed the return-on-investment model for wind-turbine monitoring and data analytics, allowing owners and operators to put in place predictive maintenance strategies.

The advanced sensing laboratory will be used for research and development into new technologies and products, enabling ONYX Insight to continue delivering solutions to support wind sector growth and facilitate the energy transition.

ONYX Insight has increased headcount by 40 percent, having built a team of 160 across its seven offices. This growth is set to continue with an immediate focus on software and data science expertise.

“ONYX Insight has seen significant global expansion in the last few years, with evidential increases in our customer-base, the volume of assets we support, and in our team and its global reach,” said Bruce Hall, ONYX Insight CEO. “By meeting these milestones, we are increasing our valuable impact on the wind industry, which the ONYX team has been dedicated to for nearly 15 years. To date, we have enabled an additional 228 GWh of energy production and saved over 11,000 (metric) tons of CO2 per year.”

“As part of our future vision, we are excited to announce an expansion to our headquarters in the U.K., increased investment into research and development, as well as the continued growth of our team and offices worldwide,” he said. “There is much more we can and will do to support the success of global wind power, and we’re excited to welcome the next phase of that journey.”

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