Heidenhain Introduces Lighthouse Global Energy as a New Texas Distributor


With close proximity to the largest wind farms and oil fields in Texas, Lighthouse Global Energy partnered with Heidenhain Corporation earlier this year to become an official distributor of Heidenhain equipment components. Specializing in the offering of the Leine & Linde brand of rugged encoders, Lighthouse Global Energy has quickly become an important go-to source for the area.

With an in-house engineering department, as well as a full line of manufacturing and machining capabilities, Lighthouse Global Energy in Abilene, Texas, specializes in repair and manufacturing solutions for wind energy and oil and gas components. The heavy, severe duty Leine & Linde encoders used in these applications are well suited for drive and measurement applications. They are well known as high quality, heavy-duty encoders of both the incremental and absolute types and are noted for their product robustness designed to cope with the harshest of environments, such as those with high vibration, dirt, and cold temperatures.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lighthouse Global Energy in order to quickly meet the needs of important energy customers in the U.S.,” said Tom Wyatt, Heidenhain’s product management and marketing manager in North America. Lighthouse Global Energy and its affiliates have more than 50 years of repair and manufacturing experience in their area. 

Source: Heidenhain Corporation

For more information, go to www.heidenhain.us