Hydratech Opens Wind Service And Repair Center In Alabama


Hydratech Industries Wind Power has opened a state-of-the-art service and repair facility in the United States with world-class hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing experts to service and repair hydraulic cylinders for pitch hydraulics and hydraulic braking.

With three manufacturing facilities strategically located world-wide, two research and design facilities and now a repair and service facility in the U.S., HWP has shifted to a major focus in providing a service oriented business around the needs of renewable energy technology providers, as well as to continue manufacturing components that are built to endure harsh operating conditions for this market.

The new service and repair wind power facility is strategically located at the Robertsdale, Alabama, Hydratech Industries Fluid Power manufacturing facility. Existing space adjacent to the Fluid Power plant was expanded, built out, redesigned and reconfigured to incorporate the specialized needs and equipment for wind power service and repair.

“The installation of the new facility for wind power repair in the U.S.  further solidifies our commitment to global customers in the renewable energy business. We are excited to expand our global reach in this industry,” remarks Bill Vosen, General Manager of Hydratech Industries USA.

HWP service and repair facility was designed and built around the needs of existing renewable energy customers and the critical operating nature these components must perform to day in and day out. To keep the quality of work to the highest standards each component undergoes a rigorous inspection process. All aspects of the inspection and dismantling are recorded in a detailed report for ten test points including upgrading sealing systems to the newest standards, replacing or repairing damaged parts, fluid leakage checks and components. Inspection, assembly and testing are completed in positive air pressure clean rooms meeting NAS class 4 requirements for environmental cleanliness. Environmental cleanliness is essential to ensuring all fluids and seals stay clean from dirt and debris.

“Fluid cleanliness testing is crucial in all service and repair projects at our wind power facility,” explains Vosen. “Our fluid cleanliness meets ISO 4406 test standards above AWEA standards.” More than 75% of hydraulic problems can be traced back to contaminated oil. “Monitoring cleanliness is therefore the most important factor in preventing failures and getting these components back to working order,” states Vosen.

After the service, repair, assembly and testing are complete all statistics and measurements are provided to the customer in a comprehensive report. With a universal mindset, customer oriented approach and 30 years of experience, global leading providers of renewable energy technology know that they can rely on Hydratech Industries Wind Power’s team.