James Fisher signs charter agreement for service vessel


James Fisher, a leading provider of marine solutions and engineering services, has signed a charter agreement with Go Marine Group for the use of the Multi-purpose Service Vessel, Go Electra, adding security for customers amid cost and supply chain crunches in the industry. The agreement will see the boat used throughout 2022 by its marine group companies James Fisher Renewables and James Fisher Subtech.

James Fisher tackles supply chain challenges with a seasonal charter agreement for a multipurpose service vessel. (Courtesy: James Fisher Renewables)

The agreement will see quicker response times and tailored health and safety standards implemented, as well as reliable day rates for customers. In addition, there will be an increase in operational uptime, with a consistent crew and shortened mobilization times between projects, resulting in more productivity and sustainability because of fewer overall transits to shore.

Putting sustainability and efficiency at the forefront of decision making, James Fisher selected the Go Electra following an extensive vessel research and evaluation. The Go Electra was built in 2011 and measures at around 80 meters in length with DP2 capabilities, it has an onboard capacity for 66 crew and passengers. With an established North Sea operating record, the Go Electra will be mobilized in and around UK waters, largely on unexploded ordnance identification with remotely operated vehicles (ROV), IMR activities and air diving projects, core services for both James Fisher Renewables and James Fisher Subtech.

“A seasonal charter like this is a first for James Fisher and signifies our commitment to the UK offshore and North Sea energy sector,” said Paula Crosby, JF Renewables and Subtech head of tendering. “We’re delighted to have secured the Go Electra for the season, enabling us to not only lock-in day rates from the offset but also offer expedited mobilization and pass on cost efficiencies for our customers.”

“The Go Electra is the ideal vessel for our project backlog this year, and really cements our position in the market by allowing us to be agile, reactive, and competitive with the flexibility to cover both Air Diving & ROV campaigns and continue to commit to our sustainability goals across the renewables and subsea sectors,” said John Ewen, JF Subtech assets and operations director. “Coupled with our knowledgeable crews and long-standing expertise for the extremes, 2022 is already looking to be a great year.”

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