Availon Certified Authorized Service Provider by Winergy Drive Systems


Availon, Inc, announces that it is now a certified ASP (Authorized Service Provider) for Winergy Drive Systems Corporation, USA. Winergy offers a full range of components for the wind turbine drive train including gearboxes, couplings, and generators.

To gain ASP Certfication, a team of Availon’s engineers and technicians attended extensive training at the Winergy Plant in Elgin, IL. The subject of hands-on training was the up-tower gearbox repair for GE 1.5 wind turbines. As a result, Availon’s personnel are certified in borescope services for identifiying of the gear and bearing damages inside the gearbox; high speed bearing replacement; high speed shaft replacement; intermediate speed bearing replacement (generator side only); intermediate speed shaft replacement; low speed bearing replacement (generator side only); pitch tube replacement and/or repair.

All works performed by factory-trained Availon technicians are covered under the Winergy standard one-year warranty. In addition to the certified services, Availon is stocking Winergy-manufactured parts needed for repair and replacement of gearbox components at Availon’s Service and Distribution Centers in Des Moines, Iowa, and Sweetwater, Texas.

Availon and Winergy plan to continue training and the certfication process to allow Availon’s wind technicians to perform up-tower services for other wind turbine brands and makes.

John Brown, Availon North America’s Special Projects Manager and a Winergy-certified technician said, “The gearbox converts the low speed high torque energy produced by the blades into a high speed low torque energy that drives the generator, and as such it is truly the central component of the drive system. If any component in the gearbox has been damaged, the entire drive system may be compromised causing serious loss of production.

The ability to perform up-tower gearbox repairs helps cut crane costs and significantly reduces a turbine’s downtime. For more information, visit www.availon.com.