AWS Truepower Releases Comprehensive Guide to Wind Resource Assessment


AWS Truepower, LLC, an international leader in renewable energy consulting and information services, announces the release of “Wind Resource Assessment: A Practical Guide to Developing a Wind Project” (Wiley, 2012). The book provides authoritative, practical guidance wind energy planners, managers, developers, tower installers, and others involved in wind monitoring and resource assessment for utility-scale wind projects around the world.

Michael Brower, PhD, lead author and Chief Technical Officer of AWS Truepower, noted, “Every industry needs standards to succeed. This is especially true of wind resource assessment. This new book – representing the knowledge of a team of AWS Truepower experts who have assessed over 60,000 MW of wind projects – will help readers avoid costly mistakes in a project’s development.”

The book explains how readers can achieve a high standard of resource assessment, reduce the uncertainty associated with long-term energy performance, and maximize the value of their wind assets. Topics addressed include siting, installation, and operation of a high-quality wind monitoring program, methods of data quality control and validation, extrapolating measurements from anemometer height to turbine height, adjusting short-term observations for historical climate conditions, and wind flow modeling to account for terrain and surface conditions. In addition, special topics such as remote sensing (sodar and lidar), offshore resource assessment, climate change, uncertainty, and plant design and energy estimation are reviewed.

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