AWS Truewind Announces windNavigator Application


AWS Truewind, LLC, a leading renewable energy consultant, has released advanced wind prospecting and site assessment tools via its Web-based windNavigator application. “In a remarkably short period of time, our windNavigator application became the go-to resource for energy developers and government planners looking to locate and confirm attractive wind development sites,” according to Bruce Bailey, president and CEO. “Over the course of the past year, however, it became increasingly apparent that our customers needed more tools to augment their resource-constrained teams. We developed windNavigator Siting and Assessment, a robust set of subscriptions and reports based on our trusted windNavigator dataset, to answer this need and support an expanded customer base.”

The windNavigator Siting and Assessment module features three subscription packages (Developer, Prospector, Advocate), three levels of reports (Site Surveyor, Site Analyst, Site Analyst Pro), discounts on high-resolution GIS data and related products, and advanced account administration features to improve workflow and reduce overhead costs. Subscriptions are thoughtfully designed to support a broad range of customers from utility-scale developers with internal GIS capabilities to small wind developers and industry advocates furthering the wind agenda in their community. Developer, the most robust package available, features 200 m resolution on-screen wind resource browsing and speed queries, four hub heights (30, 60, 80, and 100 m), deep discounts on GIS data and reports, and multiple users.

The windNavigator report suite features three reporting options from high-level assessment to in-depth analysis. The Site Surveyor report provides a high-level summary of the wind resource at a project location based on a user-defined turbine model and hub height. The Site Analyst report takes the assessment one step further with 200 m resolution data, energy estimates for up to three turbine models, and detailed information on the monthly and annual wind resource characteristics. Site Analyst Pro offers the most in-depth analysis of a project site featuring all of the information in Site Analyst plus monthly breakdowns of speed distribution, wind rose, and diurnal patterns. The reports will help developers of all shapes and sizes expedite prospecting and initial site analysis processes so they can prioritize business opportunities and move projects forward with confidence.

“Our main objective for windNavigator has always been to provide a resource for customers that is truly suited to their needs while maintaining the level of quality AWS Truewind is renowned for,” says Amber Trendell, director of sales and marketing. “With project development timelines shortening and funding resources tightening, our customers have to remain nimble to keep their pipeline full. It’s our job to provide tools and resources our customers can rely on so they can work smarter, faster, and make sound business decisions.”

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