Converteam Delivers Direct Drive Electrical System


Power conversion specialist Converteam has recently delivered its innovative electrical power train solution, including its 900V converter and a direct drive permanent magnet generator, to Schuler Pressen for its new SDD 100 wind turbine. The 2.7 MW turbine will be installed in Germany and will go into operation in early 2011. The turbine design meets the stringent German 2009 “EEG” Renewable Energy Sources Act. It features a comprehensive grid fault ride through system and power factor control capability.

Converteam’s direct drive permanent magnet generator and its associated power converter are critical to the performance of the wind turbine and are based on the company’s proven designs enabling advanced power control, maximum resilience, and minimum maintenance. The latest 900V converter from Converteam, suitable for wind turbines up to 7 MW, presents numerous benefits:

• Best in class power density for a low voltage converter;
• Increases efficiency of the whole system compared to a 690V solution;
• Three level drive, optimises the wave form and dynamic control;
• Ability to keep low voltage while pushing the boundary of low voltage to its maximum capability.

The permanent magnet generator is an integral design including the mechanical drivetrain from Schuler. Converteam’s Technology Director Derek Grieve says “The direct drive technology removes the requirement for a gearbox, increasing overall reliability of the wind turbines, especially important for offshore installations. With this new drive train, we demonstrate again the benefits of our full system approach, which in this case has led us to the introduction of the 900V voltage level to the renewables industry.”

Converteam delivered its first permanent magnet generators for the Multibrid 5MW wind turbine, now the Areva M5000, in 2004. As a leading direct drive PMG manufacturer Converteam delivered one of the largest direct drive PMG ever built (3.7 MW) to Siemens Wind Power in 2008. With more than 20GW of wind power converters delivered so far, Converteam is the world leader amongst non vertically integrated manufacturers.

Building on over a century of experience, Converteam Group is firmly placed at the leading edge of technology and innovation with a global reputation for excellence in the conversion of electrical energy. Converteam develops and provides solutions built around three core components: rotating machines, drives, and process automation. As the technological and global market leader in metalforming, Schuler supplies machines, production lines, dies, process know-how, and services for the entire metal-working industry. For more information go to