Lutze LOCC-Box Intelligent Electronic Current Monitoring System


Lutze overload current control, Lutze LOCC-Box, provides reliable load monitoring and protection in 24V DC circuits. Innovative features include adjustable trip current range (1-10A), adjustable characteristics (fast, med, slow 1, slow 2, and slow 3), output alarm signal at 90 percent of the load setting, remote reset, and remote on/off functions. LOCC-Box serves very well in remote locations and hard to access applications, such as windmills. Narrow construction ensures compact design even with multi-channel configurations. No derating required as LOCC-Box functions independently of ambient temperature.

Additional features such as Gateway communication capabilities for remote monitoring and analysis are possible with the Lutze LOCC-Box Net. Optional LOCC-Pads software offers the possibility for custom parameter setting, analysis, and diagnostics. These are just some of the intelligent features of the Lutze LOCC-box.

Lutze, Inc., located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is part of the Lutze International Group. Founded in 1958, Lutze International Group has manufacturing and distributing operations in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, China, and the United States. Lutze offers a full spectrum of automation components including a wide range of flexible industrial cable (Lutze Silflex, Superflex, Superflex Plus); plastic and metal fittings with metric, PG and NPT threads, a complete line of power supplies, industrial Ethernet switches, LSC-Wiring System, LOCC-box, and relays. More information is available at