Elixir Industries Enters the Renewable Energy Arena


Elixir Industries has taken steps to broaden its focus into the renewable energy market sectors. The company has undertaken extensive manufacturing equipment upgrades over the past several months at many of its key manufacturing facilities across the United States. In addition to acquiring Mexia Industrial Products Company, Elixir has purchased equipment with close tolerance capabilities at numerous locations to compliment new and existing fabrication operations. With the acquisition of Mexia, and new CNC fabrication equipment, Elixir can now offer full service metals fabricating and processing. The company offers advanced CNC laser cutting, plate cutting, CNC punching and forming, CNC press braking, MIG and TIG welding, primer, powder coating, aluminum extrusion, aluminum fabrication, robotic welding, and advanced CNC water-jet fabrication. In addition to fabrication services, Elixir has mechanical and chemical finishing capabilities. Mechanical finishes include brushing, buffing, and glass beating. Chemical finishes include both anodizing and powder coating.

In addition to extensive steel and metal fabrication capabilities, Elixir operates a full service aluminum extrusion and fabrication facility. With an array of state of the art extrusion and fabricating equipment, the company can offer customers with one-stop solutions. Its extrusion center is a complete manufacturers’ supplier.

Founded in 1948, Elixir Industries has continued to offer new and existing customers lasting relationships based on quality, service, and adaptability. To adapt to challenging global economic times it has undergone restructuring activities as well. These restructuring efforts combined with equipment upgrades and a strong financial position provides a solid foundation to supporting customer success for decades to come. Elixir Industries will be participating in the AWEA WINDPOWER 2010 show, so please stop by booth #15306.

For advance information contact Julie Cameron at (949) 860-5009 or jcameron@elixirind.com. Go online to www.elixirind.com.