Energy Efficiency Design, Transportation and Human Systems Experts Featured at The 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium


Questions: How can top secret information be protected from hackers?

Questions: How does a nation prepare for a high-speed rail?

Questions: What does it take to manage and operate an eco-town?

These issues and more will be discussed at the International Council on Systems Engineering’s (INCOSE) 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symp osium in Rome, Italy from July 9 to 12, 2012 at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel.

Since 1990, the INCOSE symposium has been the largest annual gathering of the world’s leading systems engineering professionals, educators and researchers. Nearly
1,000 participants will attend the four-day event and have the opportunity to network, to share ideas, knowledge and practices and to learn more about recent innovations, trends and issues in systems engineering.

“This year’s event will feature a wealth of new information and help spark discussions to advance systems engineering,” said John Thomas, INCOSE president- elect and senior vice president/lead systems engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton. “We’re particularly excited about the issues represented, including transportation, high-speed rail systems, national security, cyber security and efficient energy design.”

Keynote topics and speakers scheduled this year include:

• Systems Engineering High Speed Rail

Andrew McNaughton FREng, High Speed Two Ltd. (United Kingdom)

• Human Systems

Terence Cooke-Davies, Ph.D., Human Systems International Ltd. (United

• European Transport Systems

Giovanni Bertolone, Finmeccanica (Italy)

Additional topics covered by featured authors and panelists include: Energy Space and Satellite Systems; Biomedical Systems; Defense/Anti-Terrorism Systems; Systems Engineering’s Impact on the Workforce; Risk Management; and Systems Engineering Education and Certification. The international symposium also hosts a “Tool Vendor Challenge,” where vendors demonstrate how their software solutions
can help solve a real-world benchmark problem.

Symposium sponsors include Boeing, BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Aster Technology & Engineering, Cognition Corporation, Syntell and Project Performance International.

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From getting a rocket ship to the moon and developing high-speed train systems, to establishing anti-terrorism measures and warding off cyber threats, systems engineers make, manage, operate and maintain the systems that impact the public’s everyday lives.

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