Global distributor, sensor maker join forces to modernize turbine ice sensors


Wind Cluster ApS, global distributor of wind-turbine components and accessories, together with New Avionics Corp, leading maker of modern optical ice sensors for industry and aerospace, recently announced the two companies have signed a distribution agreement covering modern ice sensors for wind-turbine manufacturers, operators, and energy companies throughout Europe, China, and India.

In Europe and Asia, Wind Cluster is a one-stop shopping center for turbine manufacturers and operators, offering a wide variety of components and accessories to the global wind power industry. Wind Cluster operates through a network of offices in Denmark, China, and India.

In Florida, New Avionics has developed the Ice*Meister™ line of NASA-tested optical ice sensors for aerospace and industry, where the need is to sense hazardous ice and take corrective action. These are demonstrably the smallest, lightest, most-sensitive ice detectors for wind-power turbines, unmanned aerial vehicles, commercial refrigerators and heat pumps, HVAC cooling towers, radio and TV broadcast towers, autonomous commercial drones, vehicular bridges and overpasses, oil and gas sites, etc.

“Ice detection is a necessity for optimum power production and safety in many countries,” said Peter Nyegard Jensen, CEO of Wind Cluster. “Until now, solutions have been complex and expensive. Therefore, we are happy to introduce the products and unique expertise of New Avionics to the industry.”

“New Avionics is extremely pleased to sign this agreement with Wind Cluster for distribution of our ice sensors,” said Richard Hackmeister, CEO of New Avionics Corp. “This pact helps turbine manufacturers and operators maximize operational efficiency during icing conditions, at the lowest possible sensor cost. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the hardest-working distributor of wind-power components and accessories.”

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