New Generation of Blade Trailers from IST


The 53’ BT 2010 model blade trailer from International Specialized Trailers (IST) requires no forklift, crane, or equipment to extend or collapse. The new dual-purpose neck adjusts to the desired load height, allowing you to accommodate the new generation of wind turbine blades. This will allow the operator to lower the load height for bridges or raise it for rough job sites or railroad tracks. You can now load the pilot car, grab your remote, lower the front of the trailer, load the car, raise the trailer with remote, back the truck underneath, hook up, and go.

This new neck will retrofit to any brand of blade trailer, and the extension will allow the capability of hauling the new 200’ blades. 24”-60” load bunk height, capable of hauling one or two blades, and a 37-degree turning radius.

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