New Metrology Portal from Carl Zeiss


In addition to a highly accurate measuring machine, the most important resources in measuring technology are the latest software and detailed application knowledge. Today, knowledge and software updates are increasingly exchanged via the Internet. Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology (IMT) has accompanied this development over the past 10 years with discussion forums and software downloads. In order to meet the rising demands of measuring tasks, Carl Zeiss IMT has now created the Metrology Portal, thus considerably expanding the existing offering. The objective is to support customers in their daily measuring work and plans for future projects, and to increase their productivity.

The Metrology Portal provides beginners and experts with information for all areas of measuring technology. Furthermore, additional information is available to customers who have a software support agreement with Carl Zeiss. Extensive eLearning videos, descriptions of the fundamentals, and various measuring technologies provide customers with an opportunity for self-study, thus enabling new users to acquire basic knowledge more quickly and experienced users to refresh what they have already learned.

Short programs, help scripts, macros for myCALYPSO, and other software add-ons are available. Anyone can upload or access programs and macros. Other users can enhance programs and republish them. Carl Zeiss employees test these programs and label them “ZEISS verified” to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards of quality. Glossaries and basic information are available to clarify fundamental questions and help ensure that everyone uses the same terminology, thus facilitating better communication between Carl Zeiss and users.

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