New xConnector from SmartSignal Provides Increased Value


SmartSignal® Corporation announces that six leaders of the power-generation industry already have purchased SmartSignal xConnector™ since its introduction in fall 2009. Those customers include Constellation Energy, BC Hydro, RRI, NV Energy, APS, and Bruce Power.

OSIsoft’s PI System™ gathers real-time and historical data for its customers, and SmartSignal analyzes it to provide industry’s earliest and most precise detection and diagnosis of impending equipment failure. Now xConnector links the two, providing SmartSignal intelligence directly in OSIsoft PI System tools. This makes it possible for all PI customers worldwide to access the industry’s most advanced predictive diagnostics in PI, thus significantly enhancing PI’s value.

Using the xConnector application, SmartSignal’s modeling estimates and incidents are added to PI ProcessBook® and OSIsoft RtWebParts™ screens, where customers can graphically see how all their critical rotating and non-rotating equipment should be behaving and what issues require their attention, all in time to take action and avert expensive unplanned outages and repairs.

Ron Kolz, senior VP of OSIsoft, says that “SmartSignal is a great partner because their application saves customers millions of dollars. For us to be successful we need to have partners in our ecosystem who can add high-value applications,” he says. “That’s what SmartSignal does.”

“With xConnector, PI customers now can easily optimize their resources and maximize their operational and maintenance performance by using the PI tools that they already know and trust,” according to Jim Gagnard, SmartSignal CEO. “xConnector’s outstanding initial success indicates that we’ve hit the mark and are providing value to OSI users.”

SmartSignal eliminates equipment failure so its customers avoid surprises. Its patented predictive diagnostics reduce risk left by current condition monitoring. SmartSignal optimizes its customers’ resources and readily integrates into their enterprises so they can further innovate. SmartSignal has monitored more than 12,000 rotating and non-rotating assets for dozens of leaders across multiple industries for over 10 years. After identifying tens of thousands of developing equipment failures and thousands of operational errors, SmartSignal has proven itself to be the worldwide leader and innovator in predictive diagnostics for equipment health. A Microsoft Gold Partner, SmartSignal and its customers have won over 20 awards for excellence, including an international Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.

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