Next-Generation Laser Shaft Alignment Tools from SKF


New SKF® TKSA shaft alignment tools introduce highly affordable and easy to use solutions to align the shafts of rotating machinery quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. The tools represent the latest generation of SKF laser-enabled technology to align shafts properly in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.

This latest family in the SKF laser-technology toolbox includes the TKSA 20 and the TKSA 40 versions. Both are competitively priced to deliver a quick return on investment, simple to use, and display real-time alignment values to confirm results of alignment corrections as they are performed. No special training is required and a quick-start guide promotes their ease of use. Among features, the TKSA 20 integrates a quick-start guide and fast measuring unit positioning capabilities and the TKSA 40 is designed with built-in tolerance checking and a memory facility enabling results to be stored and shared. These tools can help reduce energy consumption and the potential for machinery failures typically encountered when shafts are misaligned. Their use can contribute to reduced stress on mechanical components, enhanced equipment reliability, and extended machinery service life.

The TKSA series is the latest innovation in a growing family of laser shaft alignment tools available from SKF Maintenance Products. Contact Joe Marcin, SKF USA Inc., at (267) 436-6766,, or