WindIngen Launches Wind Turbine Services


WindIngen—a new division of Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis—has launched its wind service business from their new offices in Fort Collins, Colorado. This division has hired experienced technicians with extensive industry knowledge and multi-OEM technical and mechanical expertise in preparation for fulfilling their wide range of service offerings. WindIngen also announced that their highly-trained technicians have completed a nine-day safety program.

All WindIngen technicians have completed OSHA 30-hour training, which exceeds the 10-hour OSHA wind specific course being proposed by the AWEA safety committee. The technicians are also qualified on the industry’s two most commonly used high-angle rescue devices, as well as personal self-rescue and evacuation techniques. The completed training comes on the heels of MD&A’s commitment to improve safety performance across their entire business.

MD&A is one of the largest non-OEM steam turbine service providers in North America. Many of MD&A’s clients have expanded their portfolios to include wind assets, and MD&A has committed to growing its business in direct response to their customer’s developing needs. WindIngen’s comprehensive maintenance services are backed by MD&A financial strength as well as 25 years of service industry experience. With “Quality, Reliability and Ingenuity” as its core values, WindIngen delivers premier wind turbine service, repair, parts and engineering for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. For more information call (970) 224-3139 or go to