NRG Systems Introduces IceFree Hybrid XT Turbine Control Sensor


NRG Systems, manufacturer of wind measurement equipment for the global wind energy industry, announces the introduction of its new IceFree Hybrid™ XT turbine control sensor designed to provide longer bearing life and improved vane response characteristics. Suitable for all weather conditions, including offshore, this sensor meets industry demands for reliability and performance while helping wind farm operators deliver more power more of the time.

“For wind farm owners, operators, and turbine manufacturers, getting more power from the wind and extending the life of their assets is of primary importance,” says Larry Jacobs, marketing manager. “Turbine control sensors help them do just that. They are essential devices that operate in turbulent, harsh conditions and help control some of the most critical functions of a turbine.”

The IceFree Hybrid XT incorporates protected bearings to guard against dirt and dust, a twin-tail vane design for better performance in off-axis winds, patent-pending magnetic damping for improved stability and accuracy, and enhanced heating properties. “The Hybrid XT represents the next iteration of our turbine control product line,” he adds. “Ease of use, durability and accuracy were primary drivers for NRG Systems in developing this new sensor.”

NRG Systems is an independently owned company that has served the global wind energy industry for 29 years. Its wind measurement systems and turbine control sensors can be found on every continent in more than 145 countries, serving electric utilities, wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers, research institutes, government agencies, and universities. For more information call (802) 482-2255, e-mail, or visit