Winergy Introduces HybridDrive to U.S. Market


Winergy Drive Systems exhibited its latest innovation in products, including its new 3MW HybridDrive and a new 2.75MW gearbox, at this year’s American Wind Energy Association WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition. The 3MW HybridDrive combines a gearbox and a permanent magnet generator into one product. The direct linkage of the two-stage gearbox and the permanent magnet driven generator shortens the drive train by approximately 35 percent. This design allows for a significant reduction of the nacelle size and minimization of the overall weight, both important factors for on and offshore applications. This solution makes for an easy fit into any nacelle configuration.

The new HybridDrive complements the company’s existing portfolio of gearboxes, couplings, generators, and converters for the wind industry. “For 30 years, Winergy has been developing innovative products and solutions for our wind industry customers,” says Stefan Tenbrock, CEO. “With our new HybridDrive we have developed a compact product that offers exceptional power efficiency and great serviceability.”

The HybridDrive has a modular design, featuring single elements for assembly/disassembly, and can therefore be serviced through the nacelle internal service crane. “This represents an essential advantage compared to other existing integrated solutions which require removal of the complete nacelle in service cases,” Tenbrock says.

The new 2.75MW gearbox will be installed in more than 300 wind turbines as part of a wind farm being developed in Oregon, according to Terry Royer, CEO of Winergy’s American operations. The project is considered to be the world’s largest land-based wind farm, covering 30 miles and generating an estimated 845 megawatts of electricity, or an estimated 2 billion kWh annually—enough to provide electricity to 235,000 homes.

“We take much pride in all of our products, and our 2.75 MW gearbox, assembled in our Elgin, Illinois, production facility, presents a new benchmark for our team,” accoreding to Royer. “We anticipate a strong interest from companies looking for the next generation of wind energy solutions.” To learn more visit