PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Availon’s New Positioning Controller Improves Availability


Availon, Inc., a premier independent provider of parts and engineering services to the wind power industry in North America, is pleased to introduce a thoroughly redesigned, robust, and cost-efficient pitch controller.

True to the company’s “We Listen” stance, Availon has partnered with Lenord + Bauer, the world renowned manufacturer of innovative automation systems for industrial motion sequences. The premise for the extensive re-design of the pitch controller was the customers’ feedback and the ability to do a root cause analysis by Availon’s engineers who singled out several issues that needed to be addressed, such as: communication problems; damages, caused to the controller’s circuit board by the constant vibration and environmental contaminates; damages to the controller and the controlled components from voltage spikes; and the disparity between specified temperature range and actual operating environment.

To minimize turbine’s failures, the new innovative design features robust and reliable communications from the Pitch Controller to the axis cabinet components. Circuit boards are specially coated to prevent loosening due to vibration and to guard against corrosion. Improved RS communications now provides a higher tolerance for voltage spikes. Upgrades to

John Boorman, Availon North America Director of Sales, notes: “Availon’s mission has always been improvement of wind turbines availability. The new pitch controller is a perfect example of our engineering capabilities to design custom solutions that reduce or eliminate reoccurring fault problems and shortcomings.”

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