PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Custom Fit Wind Turbine Component Covers


Transhield, Inc. is a global supplier of custom fit covers for shipping and storage protection for a variety of industries, including wind power applications. These wind power application covers are a patented alternative for heavy, expensive custom tarps or conventional hand wrapping with the added ability to shrink the cover for a tight fit, resulting in quality protection for wind power products including root end sections, tower sections, blades and other products. These custom fit covers offer protection against dirt and water during shipping and storage for a smoother transition from factory to field. Various openings can be designed into the covers allowing zipper or Velcro openings for access or different trailer configurations with wind tower section covers. Covers are easy to apply, can be removed quickly and easily and in many cases are reusable.

Made from Shrinkable Fabric™, Transhield covers consist of three layers: an outer layer that is UV-resistant and anti-condensation, the middle layer is a hot melt adhesive containing no solvents and a soft, cloth-like polyester inner layer. These covers feature the patented Adhesive Additive Delivery—Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (AAD-VCI) system which provides 100% protection from corrosion during transportation and storage. This unique non-abrasive composition protects against the elements during transportation and storage without causing damage to paint, gel coats or decals of products.

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