PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Handheld Infrared Oil Analyzer Provides Direct, Immediate Measurement of Lubricant Condition


Lubrication abnormalities are a major cause of equipment downtime and failure. To prevent those costly occurrences, the FluidScan® Q1100 handheld infrared oil analyzer from Spectro Inc. enables users to determine when oil is no longer fit for use due to liquid contamination or degradation. The compact instrument provides direct, immediate measurement of water, total acid number (TAN), oxidation, glycol, total base number (TBN) and other parameters via Spectro’s patented Direct Infrared Spectroscopy (DIR) technology. DIR operates without wet chemistry and requires no solvents; only one drop of oil is needed for analysis. In addition, the unit’s patented flip-top design speeds test preparation and cleanup.

The route-based capability of the FluidScan Q1100’s operation allows the device to virtually eliminate mislabeled samples and long wait times for laboratory analysis. The results highly correlate to TAN and TBN laboratory tests conducted with ASTM D664 and D4739 titration methods and water tests with the ASTM D6304 Karl Fischer Titration method.

Routes, similar to thermography or vibration routes, can be downloaded from the Emerson AMS Suite’s OilView™ software to the Q1100. Results can be uploaded back into OilView.  Oil data can be analyzed, along with data from other predictive maintenance techniques, in the Emerson AMS software for Machinery Health™ Management. The Q1100 includes a large and expandable reference library of industrial mineral and synthetic lubricants for gearboxes, turbines, compressors, and hydraulic systems.

“The FluidScan Q1100 provides a compact, easy to use and powerful entry product for customers seeking to adopt or expand their onsite oil analysis activities,” Spectro president and CEO Brian Mitchell said. “It also extends the oil analysis capability for existing users of the Spectro 5200 TriVector™ Oil Analyzer by enabling route-based oil analysis and an interface with OilViewTM and AMS Suite Asset management software.”

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