PRODUCT SHOWCASE: DEUS Industrial Escape Kit Keeps Safety Simple for Workers at Height


The new DEUS® Industrial Escape Kit from DEUS Rescue is a turnkey, individual evacuation solution for anyone who works in elevated industrial environments up to 500 feet such as platforms, tower cranes, communications, oil and gas, utility and wind towers. The lightweight and compact kit is a complete escape system which provides workers a safe and simple way down with nothing to hold, operate or worry about from top to bottom.

The central component of the kit is the DEUS 3700 controlled descent device. The 3700 has been third-party tested and certified to the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z359.4-2007 fall protection rescue standard.

Complete, pre-rigged and ready to use, the simple-to-operate 3700 is an automatic, compact, speed-limited, descent system. When the DEUS 3700 is connected to a harness and anchor, the worker can experience a smooth and safe descent at a maximum speed of two meters per second. Ideal for rescue situations, the device even works if the person descending is unconscious.

Workers who fall while wearing fall protection gear may still risk suspension trauma waiting to be rescued. The kit eliminates wait times by enabling workers to lower themselves safely and quickly. By reducing the risk of suspension trauma, the DEUS Industrial Escape Kit may help employers meet OSHA requirements for prompt rescue.

Pocket-sized and weighing just 2.5 pounds, the DEUS 3700 features four integrated brakes for redundant safety including a patented centrifugal direct-drive brake with no gears to break or fail. There is also a large control knob that enables the worker to variably control the descent speed — from complete stop to full descent.

In addition to the DEUS 3700, the kit includes DEUS fire- and cut-resistant rope; four DEUS approved, auto-lock, ANSI-rated steel carabiners; and the DEUS ROW (rope over wire) anchor sling. The entire kit comes packaged in the durable and compact DEUS Tower Haul Bag. The lightweight DEUS rope has been certified to NFPA standards and features a flexible, polyester sheath over a Technora core that is fire resistant to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The rope is available in a variety of lengths – all with UL-certified sewn eyes on both ends which eliminate the time-consuming need to tie knots.

The DEUS ROW (rope over wire) Anchor Choker is an innovative anchor connector that combines the benefits of synthetic rope with the strength, durability and cut-resistance of steel cable. Quick and easy to secure, the braided rope over steel cable protects hands, eliminates the need for edge protection and is fire-resistant and strong. It meets ANSI and NFPA requirements including the NFPA’s “G” rating — the highest available.

Like all life-safety equipment, DEUS escape kits require training for their safe and effective use. To make it easy and practical, DEUS has partnered with top instructors who are certified to train workers at full industrial heights offering the best real-world experience possible. DEUS Rescue also can train and certify in-house trainers who, in turn, can train entire company staffs including new hires.

DEUS Rescue training programs feature the DEUS Back-Up Belay Kit that includes the DEUS 7300 controlled descent device. The 7300 gently engages only in over-speed situations to instantly and automatically lower the trainee safely to the ground.

For more information about the DEUS Industrial Escape Kit, or DEUS Rescue’s full line of controlled descent devices, kits and accessories, or to schedule a demonstration at your own facility, call DEUS Rescue at 866.405.3461 or email