PRODUCT SHOWCASE: LSI-Robway Introduces GS025 Wind Speed Sensor & GS320 Display


The new LSI-Robway GS025 Wireless Anemometer and GS320 Wind Speed Display are designed for a diverse range of applications. This system is capable of monitoring wind speed at a range of 4,600 ft (1,400 m). This range is crucial when working in and around wind turbines. Wind turbines output a very strong RF signal, creating a difficult environment for wireless signal to operate effectively in. LSI-Robway’s innovative wireless technology has been perfected to work within these environments, as well as in many other situations where other wireless technology falls flat.

The GS025 has been designed as a cost effective solution for monitoring wind speed. It is ideal in a variety of applications, ranging from cranes and lifting, marine, commercial and recreational boating, industrial plant applications, residential applications and more.

The new GS025 Wind Speed Sensor features a user replaceable wind cup head assembly. All parts, including the wind speed body housing and the wind speed cup head assembly, have been plastic molded by LSI-Robway using a rugged nylon composite. The new design will stand up to the rigors of heat, UV rays and mechanical effects. The GS025 features a “D” cell lithium battery. Users will appreciate the ease of battery change; a simple 90-degree turn of the battery cap cover exposes the battery chamber, providing for a quick battery change. Under normal operating conditions the GS025 offers up to 4 years of battery life. If the sensor is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, users can expect up to 20 months of battery life from the lithium battery. A 1.5 volt alkaline D cell battery can be substituted should a lithium battery not be immediately available.

The GS025 wind speed sensor uses a reed switch that reads the pulses from two magnets as they pass by the reed switch to read the wind value. This eliminates static issues with coil designed sensors. It is also what allows the wind speed head to be replaced by users without the need for sensor recalibration.

The LSI-Robway GS025 Anemometer and GS320 Wind Speed Display communicate through Direct-Sequence-Spread-Spectrum technology, creating a more stable line of wireless communication than that of other systems on the market. With a user settable wind speed limit, audible and visual alarms, wind gust alarms and a 2-year warranty, the LSI-Robway Wind Speed System is a more effective way to monitor wind speed.

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