PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Hughey & Phillips Now Offering Dual Medium-Intensity LED Strobe System


Hughey & Phillips announces the new HORIZON™ line of medium-intensity strobe LED based obstruction lighting solutions for daytime and nighttime lighting on tall structures such as communication, television and radio towers, wind turbines, smokestacks and other obstructions to aerial navigation.

Intertek (ETL) certified and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved, the L-864/865 provides both daytime white and nighttime red lights within a single unit, and is part of the newest addition to H&P’s obstruction lighting portfolio, the HORIZON™ line. The series is available in L864 (Red), L865 (White) and L864/L865 (Red/White). Daytime white strobe eliminates the need to paint the structure with aviation orange and white stripes, and nighttime red flashing beacon lights are community friendly. The HORIZON™ L-864/865 is best suited for structures between 150’ (45 m) and 500’ (150 m) above ground level and operates at a range of 95-277VAC, 50/60Hz.

The new microprocessor controlled LED strobe system boasts a self-contained power supply that simplifies wiring but also accepts external signals if necessary. Its compact design, built-in testing, GPS sync, automatic day/night sensor and wiring compatibility make the product easy to use and install. Like other products in the HORIZON™ line, the units are compatible with existing cable systems in most cases, allowing users to retrofit to LED without purchasing entire new systems.

H&P HORIZON™ system uses 90 percent less power than incandescent medium intensity models, and is designed, built, and sourced in the U.S., using domestic suppliers. There are more than 20 patents pending on components and features of the HORIZON series. The system comes with a five-year warranty and has an expected life of more than 15 years. It is the only unit in the market to be completely serviceable, ensuring a longer life than any competitor models.

For more information, visit, or call 937-652-3500. Visit Hughey & Phillips at WINDPOWER 2013 at Booth 4107.