PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Red Dog Mobile Shelters Brings Certified Safe Rooms Wind Industry


Tornadoes and wind turbines all too frequently compete for the same geography throughout the areas of the U.S. known as “Tornado Alley”. Whether it’s a wind turbine or a drilling rig that gets in the way of the average tornado, the outcome is certain. With green energy efforts growing so will be the frequency of wind-farms being struck by tornadoes. 

As bad as the loss of multiple turbines is to a producer, the personal, legal and economic loss from injury to crews erecting and servicing these structures is potentially far greater. But installation of permanently anchored industrial quality tornado protective “safe rooms” near each tower is not feasible. Addressing this safety problem, Red Dog Mobile Shelters LLC designed and patented the only mobile safe room certified to meet every known tornado shelter standard issued by FEMA, the International Code Council (ICC-500), the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Unlike conventional designs that require massive foundations to anchor shelters against wind forces, Red Dog’s new technology uses aerodynamics to eliminate the need for anchoring by turning the destructive winds of a tornado into a stabilizing force even in EF-5 storms exceeding 300 mph. The faster the wind the more stable the shelter. Unique structural configurations and materials of construction enable the units to support over 1,000,000 pounds of dead load while fending off full force impacts by rotor blades falling from 150-foot heights.

The massive 250-pound doors are ADA compliant with internally activated, self-releasing hinges to prevent residual storm debris from trapping occupants inside and have passed impact tests conducted by Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. Electronic site alarm packages convert NOAA weather warnings into both visual strobes and 140-decibel audible warnings alerting distracted workers, contractors and visitors of approaching tornadoes. 

Relocation of the 32-person-rated shelters only takes minutes and requires no DOT permits. Rapid deployment makes possible having a safe refuge immediately available for workers regardless of the short duration nature of servicing multiple work sites. Optional features allow the multi-functional safe rooms to replace other on-site structures such as office space, cooling rooms, heat stress recovery spaces, safety meeting rooms and break rooms thereby decreasing a site’s footprint needed for crew support accommodations.

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