PRODUCT SHOWCASE: HYTORC’s Patented Stretch-to-Load System Sets New Standard for Safety, Speed, and Accuracy


Over the last 50 years, HYTORC has become the most trusted name for industrial bolting. Leading the industry with groundbreaking innovations, HYTORC has set new standards in the field. HYTORC’s stretch-to-load bolting system is in use by major manufacturers in the windpower industry in areas all over the world. This patented technology gives users the highest level of safety, speed, and accuracy available today. It is the only bolting system in the world that can achieve consistent bolt load accuracy within 5 percent, without time-consuming bolt measurement.

The HYTORC Avanti, shown here, can be used for standard torque or upgraded for Stretch-to-Load with additional drivers. This system eliminates the need for reaction arms and backup wrenches, which makes the job faster, by eliminating arm placement and the need for extra personnel, and safer, by eliminating dangerous pinch points. Furthermore, the HYTORC Nut, a Stretch-to-Load fastener, completely eliminates bolt damage, preventing the need for replacement bolts during maintenance.

Aside from the increased safety and speed, the major advantage of the Stretch-to-Load system is the tremendous accuracy that is attainable on a consistent basis. On pressurized vessels, the system has been so successful that it is backed by a zero leakage guarantee—something that many maintenance workers and contractors previously thought to be impossible. On jobs subject to vibration and movement, the system outperforms all others in accuracy and endurance. The system uses a counter-nut effect to prevent unintentional loosening, even on equipment with extreme vibrations such as railroad tracks and gyratory rock crushers.

A free on-site survey is available by request to help determine your needs. Stretch-to-Load fasteners are available in a number of different materials to cover all application needs. Please contact or call 1-800-FOR-HYTORC for a quick answer to your questions.