PRODUCT SHOWCASE: ITH Bolting Technology Introduces New Compact Pump ITH MicroMAX Series


ITH Bolting Technology has introduced the ITH stretch method on wind turbine bolt connections bigger than 3/8″.
Next to its high system precision the ITH stretch method has even more benefits. As the required preload is applied by axial stretching of the bolt, the system works without friction effects and torsion effects. Friction occurs during torqueing. When torqueing bolts the effects of friction can influence the applied preload force up to 100 % from bolt to bolt. This high variation can lead to a collapse of the bolt connection. Therefore it is strongly recommended to use ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders on foundation bolt connections like shown in the picture above.

As ITH is worldwide leading tensioning system supplier, there are a lot specific innovations made for the demands of wind industry. In the application picture you can see a compact foundation bolt tensioning cylinder (multi-stage) including NIOX coating to prevent from corrosion, which is especially useful in offshore environments. The tensioner also features the ITH safety concept including patented safety handle, safety fracture device and patented cycle counter.

The new compact pumps series ITH Micro-MAX features an optional protective cage, a fast pressure build-up up to 1,500 bar as well as a remote control for easy one-man operation. Its both weight-optimized (50 lbs) and compact design (15’’ x 11’’ x 18’’) makes the Mico-MAX series perfectly match to work in the tight areas of a wind turbine like on tower bolt connections or inside of the nacelle.

All leading wind turbine manufacturers trust in ITH bolting solutions for all bolting applications like on the main bearing, main bearing hub, blade bolts, yaw bearing bolts, frame bolts or hub bolts.

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