PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Torkworx Delivers the Latest in ERAD Technology


Torkworx and RAD Torque Systems recently announced the next generation of the E-RAD series of torque and tension equipment, exhibiting the companies’ shared ongoing commitment to being on the forefront of Electronic Digital Control Systems.

The ERAD-BLU provides the ability to control multiple tools through one single control case. The calibration is stored inside the E-RAD Handle which allows for multiple handles to be used with any E-RAD BLU controller. The 2” x 3” touch screen provides ultimate ease of use. Torque and angle operation is standard in all systems and WTG specific installed presets make the torque process error free. With newly advanced data collection and the ability to password protect the system settings, the ERAD-BLU is the most advanced electronic digitally controlled torque system available. We included a robust single cable design that can be removed from both ends for easy storage and replacement. The accuracy of our latest version has an accuracy of +/-2.8%. Currently the ERAD-BLU is available in 700, 2500, 3000 and 6000 ft/lbs models with the E-RAD 7500 to be released in the near future.

Joint Calibration can be completed via Bluetooth technology. This new technology delivers the ability to calibrate the ERAD-BLU with a Smart Socket via Bluetooth right on the joint with only two pulls. RAD Smart Sockets uses RAD’s Transducer Technology combined with a custom socket to measure the actual torque applied to the bolt during a torque cycle. Comparable in size to a standard socket, the RAD Smart Sockets are the perfect audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and can function as a master calibration for any torque tool. This patented technology provides accuracy within +/- 1% and measures then displays the peak torque reading. Smart Socket Technology logs the data on every torque reading for instant torque read-out on your application in real time. The operator can view and download logs right onto a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet.

If you have critical torque and tension requirements, contact Torkworx by email at or by phone at (888) 502-WORX (9679) .