PRODUCT SHOWCASE: ITL’s IFH-1710 Offers Latest Technology in a Space-Saving Package


International Tower Lighting, LLC’s integrated wind turbine obstruction lighting system, model IFH-1710, utilizes the latest in LED technology and advanced polymer optics to achieve a compact, low-power solution for marking wind turbines. The integrated design of the IFH-1710 requires virtually no space inside the nacelle.

Certified to meet FAA requirements for wind turbine farms, the IFH-1710 features wireless GPS flash synchronization without the need for external components. The universal input power supply is capable of operating from line voltages world-wide and utilizes metal oxide varistor (MOV) and gas discharge tube (GDT) surge suppression for harsh electrical environments.

For ease of installation the IFH-1710 is delivered pre-wired with a single shielded cable, rated TC-ER  (tray cable, exposed run) to meet NEC requirements for exposed runs.

The IFH-1710 is designed for long-term maintainability. The hinged cover allows access for testing and maintenance yet is securely fastened using stainless steel draw latches.

Unique for wind turbine obstruction lighting systems, the IFH-1710’s modular design allows for field replacement of circuit boards, photocell and GPS. A push-button-operated self-test requires no communication devices or computers to operate. A novel fail-safe feature turns the light on solid in the event of a flasher failure.

Capable of matching the flash rate of competitors, the IFH-1710 can be integrated into your existing portfolio of lighting systems.

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