PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Larson Electronics Releases Trailer-Mounted Light Mast


Larson Electronics recently released a 50-ft. pneumatic light mast on a twenty-one foot trailer equipped with sixteen 400 watt LED light heads.

The WCDE-11-PLM50-16X400LTL-LED is a trailer mounted, fold-over, seven-stage light mast that provides a safe and effective way for operators to deploy sixteen 400 watt LED light heads to elevations up to 50 feet.

The pneumatic light tower folds over for easy transportation, and features a hydraulic ram upright assist, an air powered pneumatic mast, and high-output LED light fixtures. The entire assembly is mounted on a 21-foot by 8-foot trailer, allowing operators to transport this boom from one location to another. The tower is constructed of heat treated aluminum tubing with 2.69’ of overlap per section. The mast is elevated using an included hydraulic ram and is extended to its full height using a trailer mounted air compressor.

The sixteen light heads included with this tower are wet area suitable GAU-LTL-400W-LED high output LED fixtures, which produce 52,000 lumens of light at 400 watts. Each light head contains fifty-four Bridgelux high output LEDs producing 963 lumens each arranged in rows and paired with high purity optics to produce a well-focused 25-degree wide spot beam.

Each light is securely fastened to the light boom and each lamp includes a support bracket to help maintain lamp stability.

For more information, visit, or call (800) 369-6671.