PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Morgan Announces New Carbon Brush Grade For Improved Turbine Uptime


Morgan Advanced Materials’ Electrical Carbon business has developed a new carbon brush grade, suitable for wind turbine applications, that drastically improves uptime in some of the most demanding conditions. The LL587 carbon brush grade maximizes uptime through extended brush life combined with minimal wear to slip rings.

Extensive field testing by by the company and several wind farms in multiple geographic locations has proven that the LL587 carbon brushes create the optimum brush film and minimize friction while maintaining excellent conductivity — resulting in exceptionally long brush life. This brush grade demonstrated a projected service life of over four years at test sites in Texas, Iowa, and other locations — longer than any other tested.

In addition, the LL587 carbon brush grade is ideally suited for steel slip rings, where it results in the reduction of maintenance required, and therefore reduces operating costs. Morgan’s application engineers work closely with customers to ensure that the optimal brush grade is used for each application to maximize effectiveness and minimize downtime.

The LL587 grade carbon brushes are available from Morgan Advanced Materials and its distribution partners.

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