PRODUCT SHOWCASE: MetalSCAN 3000 Boasts Reliability in a Wind Energy-Specific Design


GasTOPS provides products and services to the wind industry to monitor gearbox health using its flagship MetalSCAN product. MetalSCAN is the leading sensor product available today for on-line detection and quantification of metallic debris in wind turbine gearboxes. MetalSCAN’s advanced in-line, full-flow technology detects both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal particles and provides a reliable, early indication of impending failure.

MetalSCAN’s reliability lies in its simple, maintenance free design. The sensing element uses non-obtrusive magnetic coils, which surround the oil line and detect the passage of metallic debris. All of the particles above a minimum size threshold are detected and counted.

With thousands of installations worldwide on equipment ranging from advanced jet engines to industrial gearboxes, MetalSCAN has proven its effectiveness, meaning expensive failures can be avoided and maintenance personnel can plan repairs during convenient and cost-effective periods.

The newest member of the MetalSCAN product family, MetalSCAN Series 3000, was developed specifically for application to modern wind turbines and addresses an industry wide need for reliable, advanced warning of gearbox damage. Fitted directly into the gearbox lubrication system, MetalSCAN 3000 has demonstrated its ability to detect metallic debris generated by bearing and gear damage many months in advance of impending failure and to track the progression of damage so that turbine repairs can be performed before costly failure occurs.

The MetalSCAN 3000 sensor system provides a simple and reliable particle count output, which can be compared to pre-defined limits to provide:
•    On-line damage detection for gearbox bearings and gears;
•    Damage level quantification; and,
•    Automatic warning and alarm alerts.

MetalSCAN 3000 offers an effective solution to the unique condition monitoring needs of wind energy.

•    Improved turbine availability;
•    Reduced of unplanned downtime; and,
•    Reduced repair costs.

The product has already been applied to a wide range of turbine models from most major OEM’s.

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