PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SampleSafe Eliminates Entry into Wind Farm Transformer Cabinets for Oil Sampling


Recent studies on cabinet-style wind farm transformers show a high occurrence of elevated combustible gas levels, particularly hydrogen.

Tallmadge, Ohio-based SD Myers Inc. is not only leading in the research of the ever-growing problem of wind farm transformer gassing, but also recently introduced the SampleSafe™ system for installation on cabinet-style wind farm transformers. 

Designed to allow safe sampling of the dielectric fluids on energized wind farm electrical transformers, SampleSafe aids in detecting gas build-up.  The sample valves, pressure gauges and relief valves are located remote to the electrical hazards inside the cabinet to the outside of the cabinet in separate, isolated stainless steel weather-resistant enclosure.

Eliminating the need to enter the transformer cabinet for routine oil sampling or processing, SampleSafe allows technicians access to valves and instruments inside of the transformer without dangerous exposure to energized equipment.  A window kit may be installed in the cabinet door to allow the other important inspections that are a part of a responsible maintenance program, including liquid level, temperature and leaks.

Made of substation quality stainless steel
Locks with your own company padlock, keyed by you for your security program
NEC rated grounding lug
NEMA rated enclosure
High-quality hoses rated at 1,720 psi
Static ground
Bronze sample and vent valves
Qualitrol pressure-vacuum gauge
Optional viewing window

For more information, contact SD Myers at 330-630-7000 or go to