PRODUCT SHOWCASE: O&M Products Increase Equipment Reliability and Reduce Downtime and Failure


For O&M applications on wind turbines, Henkel Corporation has introduced a full line of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants and coatings for installation and maintenance of blades, nacelles, towers and bases.

For rotor blade repair, Loctite® high performance polyurethane resins cure rapidly at room temperature, significantly reducing downtime associated with blade maintenance. Developed using the same standards and technology as Loctite® GL-approved rotor blade assembly materials, polyurethane repair resins offer superior long-term dynamic fatigue strength, outstanding tensile shear strength, resistance to aging, and creep performance. Specifically formulated to restore composite blades, these resins are used to patch and repair structural cracks on blade tips and stress risers, impact damage caused by lightning and bird strikes, and leading edge wear and erosion.

On the nacelle, Loctite® O&M products provide excellent UV/moisture resistance to seal against harsh weather conditions. Cleaners and lubricants keep equipment running reliably. High-traction coatings prevent slipping on interior and exterior walkways. And anaerobic products maintain threaded fasteners, joints and flanges.

Loctite® O&M products seal out moisture and prevent corrosion on tower sections, load support plates, platforms, bolt heads, ladder frames and metal surfaces. Products are also used for ladder bonding and thread locking.

On the base, Loctite® fast curing grouts facilitate tower installation and ensure the structure is level and secure. Sealants prevent water ingress around electrical cables and concrete repair products correct damage and cracks.

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