PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Positioning Spray by 3M Integrates During Infusion Process


3M™ introduces the new 3M™ Adjustable Composite Positioning System (ACPS) 11095, a spray designed for pre-infusion resin bond dry reinforcements and composite matrices.

The unique properties of 3M™ ACPS 11095 enable it to integrate into the part during resin infusion, eliminating read-through and transition layers in the part post-cure. This patent-pending system offers manufacturers benefits in productivity, esthetics and flexibility.

3M™ ACPS 11095 is uniquely formulated to be compatible with most resin systems, including polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins. It goes down easily on both flat and curved mold designs, and after spraying, the product builds tack within seconds and is tack-free in two to three minutes.  Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the product features a unique color change system that gives it a blue color when first sprayed, then fades to clear as it cures. With this feature, users can easily see the amount of coverage they’ve achieved, and also have a visual indication of the curing cycle. 3M™ ACPS 11095 is not affected by ambient temperature and/or humidity, allowing it to be used in a variety of manufacturing conditions.

Additional user-friendly features of 3M ACPS 11095 allow substrates to be easily repositioned without leaving fibers behind, simply by peeling back an individual layer and reapplying. If the coating dries before laying up of materials, an additional coating can be applied at a lower rate, which reactivates the previously applied coating. The product also enables manufacturers to use less than competitive brands.

3M™ ACPS 11095 has the ability to hold most types of reinforcement and to maintain the position of reinforcement for days without sagging. With typical usage, users will see little to no change in laminate shear properties. Available in aerosol cans as well as five-gallon and 55-gallon containers compatible with most traditional spray equipment, the product is also easy to clean up with most solvents. 3M™ ACPS 11095 is approved by Lloyd’s Register and DNV.

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