PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Virtual Power Stations Communicate With ‘bluecom’ From Bachmann Electronic


The requirement placed on state-of-the-art wind farms to respond to the power grid like a single conventional power station requires the use of a central wind farm controller: communication is required in very high speed. Bachmann electronic presents ‘bluecom’ – a communication solution specially developed for smart grids.

‘bluecom’ is based on conventional Ethernet technology and provides affordable and easy to implement communication for fast and reliable information exchange in real time. The transmission protocol was specifically optimized with regard to the particular requirements of future-proof energy systems. The prime objective of these measures is to maintain the stability of the grid by enabling energy parks and virtual power stations consisting of a large number of decentralized power generation plants to respond quickly.

The new communication protocol ‘bluecom’ Bachmann provides an important foundation for the transition to a smart grid and the use of regenerative energies for electricity generation. It is another contribution by Bachmann electronic to the active development of the power grid of the future.

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