PRODUCT SHOWCASE: WINDKIT Addresses EHS Wind Turbine Servicing Concerns While Improving Productivity


Monthly or quarterly servicing of nitrogen at extreme heights can provide both safety and productivity challenges to service technicians. Traditional methods of servicing include utilizing a 200-foot hose connected to a ground-based cylinder or hauling a 140- to 200-pound cylinder up the turbine into the nacelle. Each of these methods creates the potential for injuries to workers who must deal with the heavy cylinders and hoses, the potential for damage to the turbine and a loss of productivity due to extensive set up time and extra manpower to handle the overweight equipment.

In response to these challenges, Cv International has released the WINDPACK and WINDKIT products, portable nitrogen servicing solutions that can be easily maneuvered by a one technician. Demonstrated at the recent AWEA Wind Environmental Health and Safety Seminar, the high pressure WINDKIT, consisting of a regulator control box, service hoses and a 88 SCF/4500 PSIG tank, can be mounted within the nacelle and the service hoses used to reach service points, such as accumulators. The WINDPACK allows technicians to carry a WINDKIT on their back to effectively service transformers or other isolated equipment. A complete compliment of valves and gauging protects components from dangerous over-pressure, allowing technicians to set target pressures during fill and monitor system pressures during bleeding. The kit’s pressure regulator is adjustable from 0-5000 psig/0-350 bar.

Currently in use by Siemens Energy and Vestas American Wind Technology, WINDKIT users report the products “light weight, very safe and highly portable” design as improving their on site safety and performance.

For more information please visit or call the CVI Wind Sales Group at 310-328-8550.