Shermco Sponsors the American Wind Energy Association


Shermco Industries has announced their 2010 Terawatt Sponsorship of the American Wind Energy Association, the national organization promoting wind power growth through advocacy, communication, and education. “The expansion of wind energy is vital to America’s future as a clean, renewable energy consumer,” says Kevin Alewine, director of renewable energy services for Shermco. “AWEA is very influential in advancing our industry’s efforts to provide wind energy to more markets throughout America.”

As a Terawatt Sponsor Shermco supports AWEA workshops, conferences, and exhibitions across America that educate corporations and professionals associated with wind energy expansion about significant environmental, economic, and energy issues.

Shermco Industries is a provider of safe, reliable testing, repair, professional training, maintenance, and analysis of rotating apparatus and electrical power distribution systems and related equipment for the light, medium, and heavy industrial base nationwide. Founded in 1974 in Dallas, the company is comprised of two strategic business units; the Machine Services Division, and the Engineering Services Division. With a corporate location in Irving, Texas, service centers in Austin, Sweetwater, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a sales office in Brussels, the company has over 250 full-time employees. The company is a member in good standing with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, the American Wind Energy Association, and the International Electrical Testing Association.

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