Turbine Generators from WindGen America


In spite of an expanding wind power industry, the North American market has steadily relied on imported wind generators. That is about to change. WindGen America, LLC, is in the process of building the first wind turbine generator manufacturing facility in the Untied States. The company’s principals have extensive wind power experience and will be using it to develop and manufacture wind turbine generators for the North American market.

The generators under development at WindGen America will be 660 KW and 2.5 MW permanent magnet design. With prototypes up and running, these designs address the weaknesses in conventional wind generators. The past and current wind generators have been fraught with high maintenance costs. Designed and built for wind power applications, these generators will offer the industry a choice. Not just American-built, but built to exceed the demands placed on conventional wind turbine generators.

A convergence of wind power growth and incentives to provide U.S. manufacturing jobs have created the right climate for this enterprise. In addition to developing superior generator designs, WindGen America has focused its attention on a facility whose efficiency will match its turbines. Locating in an eastern industrial hub, WindGen America will be able to take advantage of existing road, rail, and ocean port facilities. Starting from scratch, all aspects of the operation will utilize the latest technology maintaining high quality while keeping manufacturing costs in line. Simplifying logistics, the company will be able to supply the nation with the latest in turbine generator design at a very competitive price. The 100,000 sq. ft. facility will have a labor force comprised of 120 skilled technicians onsite. The initial production target is 1,500 generators per year. For more information go to www.windgenamerica.com.